Brief Look At Catherine's "Stray Sheep" Segments

As you might’ve heard by now, Catherine has 3 gameplay segments: nightmare, drama, and stray sheep. We can probably guess that the ‘nightmare’ sequences will house most of the traditional action gameplay, and that the “drama” sections will be mostly narrative (think how, the Persona series does in its outside-of-combat segments, perhaps?).

The last part, called ‘stray sheep’ (hmm, commentary, much?) is not a segment we know much of anything about aside from it being the name of the bar that Vincent and his friends frequent. We do, however, have a video of this segment…which is also in Japanese. Sorry, folks, we just gotta work with what we’re given, no?

Still, can you drool over the silky-smooth presentation, since the characters/environments are downright palatable. I’m gushing, clearly, at Atlus in HD. Vincent is also down in the dumps, it seems. It’s probably not a stretch to assume this might just be the very first thing(s) we see when we start up the game, since the murder has just happened and it’s one ‘day 1.’ Like other Atlus games, ‘time’ seems to manage some aspect of the game…while you have to navigate your way out of your nightmares every night, it would be interesting if the timeframe for your girlfriend to have a baby has any effect on the game.