Golden Sun: Dark Dawn exists

Here’s a question. You are Nintendo. You decide to make a sequel to a much beloved niche franchise, and put it on the best selling console in the world, the DS. You then do not publicize this game at all, to the point where gamers who *loved* the original games have no idea that the sequel is coming out in less than a month.

Apparently, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is Nintendo’s golden egg, that it’s going to use to fight piracy. “This game no one bought that we didn’t publicize at all that you all were excited for at E3 didn’t sell because it was pirated!” No, no, Nintendo, your game won’t sell well because I have had to inform numerous people of its existence.

So, yes. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn does in fact exist. It is an RPG, for the Nintendo DS, and is coming out at the end of November. It is already out in Japan. It looks pretty exciting, if the above video is any indication, if very traditional. Of course, both the Golden Suns were fantastic, so that’s no problem. Thank you. This public service announcement is not brought to you by Nintendo, who will put this game out in a crowded holiday season to die.


  1. Golden Sun was kinda overrated – though it was perhaps the best RPG for the GBA. The second game in particular has grave pacing and character development issues. But then… all it took was to hear this great theme song and my concerns melted away in anticipation to play this sequel!

    Also, those little platforming puzzles were kinda nice.

    • Tom

      The second Golden Sun is a mess, but it is an interesting mess, and we have enjoyed worse games with less interest. I hesitate to say too much about it because I am currently replaying it, and forming more opinions on it. 😛

      Golden Sun really inherited the mantle of Lufia 2, the ultimate Puzzle-RPG (ironically, a Lufia 2 remake is Golden Sun: Dark Dawn’s major competition this release period), but did so in a very accessible way. GS was never hard; hell, the third dungeon in Lufia 2 had harder puzzles than anywhere in Golden Sun. What Golden Sun had, that made it unique and incredible, was a balance. On one hand, it was very accessible to newer players, because the basic ideas were simple. On the other, it was welcoming to hardcore players demanding complexity, because if you fiddled with djinni a little bit you could build a completely overpowered party.

      Really, I am mostly baffled how Nintendo is sending it out to die.