Dragon Age 2's "Rise to Power" Trailer

Things to note: there is actual gameplay showcased here (despite the lack of HUD). That being the case, I think we can all agree that Dragon Age 2 has gotten a visual rehaul of sorts.

The narrator is a dwarf named Varric, he is telling this story to an inquisitor trying to figure out how it is that the world is on the brink of war. We also get to see what we can probably assume to be a love interest for Hawke. She’s a gypsy pirate. Lastly, yes, the Qunari invasion that Sten mused about in Origins? It’s what is happening in DA2–here we see more snippets of this invasion, though the backdrop is most evident on the Destiny trailer, where we see Hawke battling a horned Qunari.

One Comment

  1. David

    The in-engine bits look impressive, especially when compared to the first game–and the short lead time between games. The rather nasty tone between the framed narrators also looks really interesting for the structure of the game.

    It’s always hard to evaluate gameplay without actual UI laid on top, but this looks promising. Definitely an evolutionary jump, unlike what Obsidian’s done with New Vegas.