Wizards in silent films: Magicka

You may recall me mentioning Magicka before as a veritable masters class in how to sell your independent game. Part one of How the Gold Master Was Delayed was a happy romp, but part two is even better, because it contains crucial, vital information like a January release date and an $89.99 price point.

Chuckles all around.

Magicka, if you don’t know, is a four player co-op wizarding romp, where your spells affect other people’s spells. It’s like an isometric Left 4 Dead, if the zombies were replaced by horrible spiders and the guns were replaced by more different guns that, whenever their bullets touched, created a horrible maelstrom of epic destruction that killed half your party and all the enemies.

Chuckles, all around. Oh, and the price point is actual $10. I will not explain further because moving pictures do that better than I ever will.