Watch Catherine's Opening Credits

After all, at this point–considering the lack of confirmation for a stateside release–most of us will take any ounce of information on this game that we can get, right?

Of particular interest to you may be two key things. One, you get to hear the longer version of a Shoji Meguro track–always a plus. Prior to this, we had only heard a smaller snippet of this song. Second, though there isn’t much in the way of actual game material–not even cutscenes!–you can still see a timer counting up. This is noteworthy if only because it may be indicative of how the game follows Atlus’ time mechanic. Perhaps we will need to complete dungeons/objectives before Vincent wakes up or something. Otherwise, the chances of witnessing anything possibly spoiler-worthy in this clip are small, I think, so watch away!

Though perhaps the intro tries to capture a sense of detachment? That’s what I get, anyway.

One Comment

  1. Pretty cool opening. Atlus games always have such a sense of style.