Depressing flash game of the day: Immortall

Yes, folks, Immortall is a little bit old, but a fantastical flash game from the Pixelate, the developer of such fantastic flash games as Hunter Forever and Pixel Legions (both on the same site, and definitely worth a go). Immortall is a five minute walk in the life of a very tall alien. It goes in a much different direction than I expected, so it’s worth a look.

I mean, depending on your tolerance for artsy flash games. This is certainly a game, in that there is action happening, and you’re not just walking to the right for five minutes (well, you are, but not in a bad way), but there’s so deep themes here. Personally, I found it really poignant and moving, but your mileage, it may vary.

At the very least, there isn’t much better you could do in five minutes, so you should give it a chance. If it’s not your speed, then play Hunted Forever, which was so good Time Magazine decided it was one of their games of the year a few years back. Which is something you can’t make up.

One Comment

  1. Imortall is beautiful, but I don’t think it’s very fun.