Fez before Fez: Babel

You know your game has *probably* been in development too long when people have already been inspired by your game. It’s like the Stephen Colbert joke about Rush: by the end of one of their epics, they’ve influenced themselves.

Anyway, Babel is Fez. It doesn’t have the charming art style, and is definitely a freeware platformer, but it has the same core mechanic as long delayed, hotly awaited Fez. It *is* Fez, for all intents and purposes.

Is it worth playing? I don’t know. I haven’t played it, because I’m too busy playing a certain big budget game for review (oooh mystery!) and going to the DMV to renew my license for twice what a normal game costs. Massachusetts. What a state. You, on the other hand, can play a dose of Fez right here, just with a different name. Isn’t it swell how the internet works?