Minecraft update looks awesome

Minecraft, aka most people with a PC’s indie darling of the year, is already more successful than most games, and it’s still in Alpha. Well, that’s probably not true. It’s more that, it’s a fully featured indie game that the developer plans to add to. It’s a clever way to get around the whole feature creep situation, you know?

Anyway, this is basically a “The internet is fucking stupid” post, because there’s outrage over the announcement of new additions. Torches that go out? More difficult monsters? BURN NOTCH! Even if it’s most likely things will still be easy on not impossible, and it’s not like finding the theoretical ingredients for lanterns will be difficult. But no, everyone wants to be angry. That’s the way of the internet.

So this is a positive post. Biomes? Bloody brilliant. I love the snow effects, but only snow is overwhelming and severely limiting. More sounds? More music? Hooray! Deeper, more dangerous caves? Awesome. Fishing? Floats someone’s boat. Teleporting through a Nightcrawler-esque horrible hell plane? Even better!

Basically, biomes alone make this work. All it needs now is monster villages, maybe even far off friendly villages you could trade with. That’d be pretty fantastic, too.

Either way, Minecraft is the best game you’re probably playing. And if you haven’t, you should, because it’s less than 15$. Which is great for a game that will destroy your life.