Fez exists!

Do you remember Fez? I’d almost forgotten; when you don’t see hide nor hair of an indie game for months at a time, you have to think it doesn’t exist. Well, Fez would like to remind you it exists, and why it is such a fantastic looking game.

And seriously, it looks fantastic. I have some slight worries about it, namely in that, while the mechanic is cool and has lots of potential, it might not be executed properly. I can see a lot of pitfalls. But that doesn’t matter right now. What matters now is we have some awesome looking footage of the game, which (like Outland, the game Patricia posted about I was going to post about) is coming out in 2011. Really. I believe them.

Basically, between this, Outland, and the IGF Grand Prize winning Monaco, we’re in for a hell of a year for indie killer apps. Especially when you factor in the random appearances of projects unknown.