No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

For those who haven’t been paying attention, the city of Siena, Italy wasn’t all that happy about their flags being on display without permission in Gran Turismo 5’s Piazza del Campo track – a virtual recreation of the famous square located within the city. Thus threatened to take legal action against Sony and Polyphony Digital because of it.

The matter has since been resolved, with Polyphony removing the flags from the course entirely, but it would seem Kazunori and team are having the last laugh. Publicity surrounding the controversy has piqued local interest in the game and Sony has seen an increase in preorders as a result, with the city’s citizens wanting to get their hands on the location’s virtual counterpart. It would seem the age old moniker about publicity still holds true. Footage of the “infamous” flags can be seen in the video below:


  1. Bartman lolBrice

    It’s hilarious how something backfires on the city government. It’s free publicity!

  2. Heartless

    I never understand the mentality behind wanting things like flags and such removed…it’s a gorgeous city and a famous area within it is being represented (and it’s not like they’re droppin’ bombs on the city or anything).

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