Explodemon: Not a new Pokemon

There are games I wouldn’t know about except for the lovely folks at the IndieGames blog. Explodemon is one of them. An 2.5D platformer coming to PSN this year (hopefully), it’s endured something of a complicated development history. Not least because the very day it was officially announced, ‘Splosion Man was announced.

You know, that kind of horrible, soul crunching coincidental stuff. Which is disappointing, because really, once you strip away the fact that they both explode to jump, there’s really little similarity. ‘Splosion Man was all science and western games. Explodemon is very much a parody of 1990’s Japanese platformers like Mega Man, Pulseman, and other games with man in them. And, from watching the trailer, it looks fantastic. As much as I liked ‘Splosion Man, I wondered what it would look like with that sharp, stylized Japanese edge, and if it were…tighter. Denser. And this looks like it will fulfill that niche.

Playstation Network, in the Winter. I won’t say I recommend it, because I haven’t played it, but I will say that I’m keeping an eye on it, even in a holiday season crammed with platformers.