Demon's Souls 2 is Project Dark

It’ll just have a different name because it’s on the 360 as well.

Sure, it’s nominally called Project Dark at the moment. But look at that trailer. Look at it. That’s totally Demon’s Souls. Claustrophobic darkness, blocking instead of a badass dude stabbing someone, a giant horrible teeth monster, a dragon straight out of 1-1, and armor designs that are exactly the same. From the same company, and the same director.

It’s Demon’s Souls 2, and possibly the most important game of the past five years has a well-deserved “sequel”, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Yes, I would say it is possibly more important than Bioshock, though I’ll definitely take the debate on that. And yes, I realize a sequel could be terrible, but I’ve got high hopes.