VVVVVV on Steam for $5

If you asked me what my game of the year 2010 was, there would be no hesitation. VVVVVV is possibly the best 2-D platformer I’ve ever played, and a game that was completely worth every cent of the $15 I paid for it at launch.

But I could understand your hesitation. “There’s no way a 2-D Metroidvania/Impossible Platformer could be worth $15! And isn’t it like 4 hours long? What the fuck? I only pay for graphix!” Well, now you don’t have to pay $15 dollars directly to the game’s creator. Now you can pay $5, on Steam, for the best gaming experience of the year. If you jump right now, in fact, you can pay $4.50 for the best game of the year.

If you aren’t going to Steam right now to pick this up, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. It’s one of the very few games I would say is absolutely perfect, and $5 is not a lot of money for perfection.

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  1. Dave Silva

    Or better yet, BUY IT FROM THE DEV DIRECTLY. Same price, more money for the dev.