Dungeon Siege 3 sure looks like a game

You know, Dungeon Siege 3 could work, I said. Obsidian, developers of lots of bug heavy but brilliantly storied adventures, have been put in a position where they’re developing a game that doesn’t require a lot of technical flourish, and that allows for an emphasis on storytelling and systems, which they’re good at.

So, yes, I know, the trailer looks a bit shit. But before you come in here and shout, “But Tom! The trailer looks a bit shit!” think of this: the graphics, the presentation, these look better than Obsidian’s ever pulled off. If they can get the story, and the mechanics, to function brilliantly and with complexity, and this will be a fantastic game.

And hell, at least it comes out before Diablo 3, which means it can scratch that ever-present party-based action rpg itch. Or, at least, I always have it. Maybe I should get some sort of cream or salve for that, though.