Recettear to be on Steam

On a scale of one to internet sensation, Recettear is probably a ten. The item shop slash indie Japanese RPG captured many a heart with its demo, which gave us a pretty big look at the game. Enough of a look that the game, now on Steam, is #4 on its top seller’s chart, sandwiched between big budget shooter Bad Company 2 and big budget strategy game Civilization V. You know, honest to goodness professional games.

I played the demo myself multiple times. Despite its traditional JRPG trappings, its tongue is far enough in its cheek, and it’s gameplay is competent enough to be a fantastic time that I’m looking forward to playing. And reviewing? Oh yes. Of course.

Anyway, it’ll be available on Steam for 20 American dollars on the 10th. 10% off if you take the initiative and preorder the thing. I just did. You probably won’t be disappointed.