Monday Night Combat Title Update Fixes A LOT Of Issues, DLC Plans

Rejoice! Uber Entertainment is, so far, upholding their promise to support Monday Night Combat post-release–we’ve gotten one patch so far, and now we’re getting a title update. The first title update was detailed in the Uber Blog, which you can read here. Right now, the fixes are being tested and refined, and hopefully shipped off to certification soon. Changes of note include:

  • Making sure parties do not get split up in a match
  • Host migration is getting a facelift: less failure, making it faster, etc.
  • Players should not be able to damage enemy shields anymore
  • Juice rushing in overtime will not be nearly as effective, since the damage taken by the moneyball during overtime has been decreased
  • Players cannot hack their profiles to have multiple gold endorsements anymore
  • Rate of fire endorsements now affect the hurt/heal gun for medics, though they’ve made it sound as if in order to compensate for this change, the hurt/heal gun now does less damage
  • Assassins can no longer do a double smoke jump
  • Tanks now do more damage with full/fuller clips

Of course, there are a few dozen more changes not noted here for the sake of brevity, so make sure to read the changes in full over at the Uber website.

Uber has also announced that they have 3 DLC packs currently planned, though they are vague about what these DLC will contain.

“The first DLC will contain new content, gameplay adjustments, and more bug fixes. What’s exactly in the first DLC will be announced closer to its release. We’re very invested in our community and want to see it thrive so the first DLC will be free.”

Hopefully this means new maps, at the very least, since at current MNC only has a handful. More ways to use your money would also be useful in prolonging the longevity of the game.