Take a look at an ACTUAL Murder Simulator: Serial Killer Roguelike

Ho boy, just wait until the press gets a load of this. ‘Serial Killer Roguelike’ is a murder simulator–literally, a murder simulator–by indie developer Crimson Kings, which started out as a fan-project for Showtime’s Dexter. You can play as a character of your own creation, or you can opt to play as famous serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy–which, in of itself, is rather unsettling.

The video below showcases the progress that Crimson has made thus far, as well as some actual gameplay. Don’t expect anything graphic, though. The game doesn’t strive for visual realism, instead it seems to be grounded in RPG/text adventure-like mechanics.

“Keep in mind that this is a GAME, and that I am not advocating or condoning murder or any of the crimes that take place in it. I feel that the subject of serial killers, specifically the psychological conditions that drive them to do what they do, is one of interest and will hopefully translate into a unique game that has a vast number of potential options for play,” says the developer in regards to the game.

After watching the video, what do you think? Is it really so simple to call it a game and nothing else? Is it okay for me to enjoy watching Dexter, which follows exactly the same concept, but feel slightly uneasy about choosing to slash someone’s throat while they’re sleeping as Ted Bundy? Why can I watch this but have hypothetical problems “reenacting” it via a game? Should it be a game at all?

Regardless of whether you think this is in good taste or not, you’ve got to admit it raises some interesting questions regarding why some subjects seem to be “off limits” for video games but not other entertainment mediums. For example, a show like Dexter can be critically acclaimed–but a game like this is likely to raise media ire. Why is that, exactly?


  1. It’s amazing how creepy that is despite it’s 8-bit esque graphics and text interface.

  2. Ja

    Too bad it’s not real