Vanquish Preorder Trailer Shows New Gameplay

Sure, it might be just an ad which tries to convince you to preorder the game. Don’t think it’s not worth watching, though! It also shows us new locations, enemies and gameplay, too–not to mention the specific gun bonuses you’ll receive if you preorder the game.

Sargeant McGruff also makes a guest appearance, delivering his terribad, but usual one-liners.

Now, if you’re interested in knowing the specifics about those guns, Gamestop describes them as follows:

  • Boost Machine Gun – This weapon is capable of shooting machine-gun bullets at the speed of an assault rifle and has proven itself effective against the machine infantry.
  • Laser Cannon – A miniaturized space-warship laser cannon. It outpowers any other weapon available for foot soldiers.
  • Anti-Armor Pistol – This prototype of the anti-armor gun was manufactured to tackle stronger armor which hostile forces were likely to create in the future.

Looks like I have another preorder to add to my list.