Etrian Odyssey 3 character video explains subclassing

I admit it, I like D&D. Tabletop role playing, the nerdiest of hobbies, is in my stable of issues. And as a fairly munchkinish player, I have to say I’m a big fan of multiclassing. Being two things has to be better than being one thing, right?

One of my big complaints with Etrian Odyssey 2 was its inflexibility: you could only use five classes, out of the existing dozen or so. Etrian Odyssey 3 seeks to remedy this by allowing you to give your characters two classes, through the process of subclassing. It’ll increase variety, and give you even more terrifying options on startup.

Which is a good thing. I mean, it’s not like anyone who isn’t a fan of first person dungeon crawlers is going to play the game, and the fans of that genre (like me!) are usually somewhere between OCD and clinical insanity. So giving us even more options to geek out over is a sweet deal.

I’m pretty psyched for Etrian Odyssey 3, to be honest. I never beat the second one, but that was more my fault than its. I feel this games increase in flexibility in character creation and customization could be the thing to completely destroy any free time I might have.