Epic Mickey introduction is…well, epic

This is a year of epics. Epic Mickey, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Scott Pilgrim: An Epic of Epic Epicness, there’s been a lot of epics. Here we have the epic introduction to Epic Mickey. And I don’t know about what you think, but I think it’s pretty fucking epic.

Epic epic epic.

Yeah, it looks cool. Not oh my god, I have to buy this right now cool, but when it’s 30$, definite buy cool. Hey, that’s like most Wii games!

To pad out these comments, here’s an interesting piece on RPS about how Warren Spector thinks games should be games, not movies. Bask in the irony, for we have posted a movie of his game. MWHAHAHA! Suck on this, Spector!

One Comment

  1. Fernando Cordeiro

    Wow… who would have thought that music would mark me that much. I had completely forgotten it, until I saw the intro and BAM! A horde of living brooms raced through my mind as soon as Dukas’ music started!

    Some kind of synapse must had occurred because suddenly I want this game. Just like that.

    Also… Mickey looks very flexible. His animation has something of a 20’s cartoon quality into it. Hope the actual gameplay is able to maintain this feel.