Bioshock Infinite Irrational Games' new project

I’m rarely excited about new things. It’s the nature of the games journalism business: once you start writing about how new games are going to be awesome, you stop caring about new games. New games are the creatively bankrupt enemy, and the only thing you care about are old games.

Well color me impressed with this one. Ken Levine and Irrational’s new game, Bioshock Infinite, has a terrible name but an incredible premise: doing for steampunk and ultranationalism what Bioshock did for art deco and libertarianism. This trailer (under the cut) gives us an intense taste of the atmosphere, which looks to be on full display in the game. In terms of gameplay, Kotaku has a massive preview up right now, and seem to describe it in similar terms to how Bioshock 2 developed. Which is fine with me, because the emphasis seems to be on environmental effects instead of pure gunplay.

Most importantly, you get to play as a Pinkerton, history’s morally ambiguous badasses. I feel kind of dirty, as a history major, writing that, but you know what? The Pinkertons were fascinating.

Nothing but optimism and a trailer from here on out. The only thing I don’t like is the name. There has to be a better one. Someone come up with a better one.

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  1. Fernando Cordeiro

    So… does that means that the next unnecessary return to Rapture will be called Bioshock 3, the (also unnecessary) follow-up to this new city will be Bioshock Infinite 2 (done by a different studio) and the next System Shock spiritual sequel (you know, the one Shodan comes back as an android) will be called Biosystem Shock?

    God, 2K… you don’t need that crap. Have some more faith in your product.