Bioware plays "Let's Take All the Good Features Out of Dragon Age: The Game!"

You know, I was behind Bioware when they said there’d be a conversation wheel. That was okay. Sure, it was a problem, but it was okay. A step back, but maybe two steps forward at the same time. I had plenty of faith in them.

Then, of course, they decided us PC gamers didn’t deserve to use the overhead perspective. You know, the only perspective I used while playing Dragon Age, because it was by far the most useful. Apparently, the boys down at Bioware think that what we, the PC gamers who bought the game in droves, don’t deserve to be able to play the game the most useful way. Apparently it’s such a drain of resources on the development using a toolset that’s “almost identical” that really, they just don’t want to put it in.

Between this and the most likely lack of support for new modding tools, and Bioware seems to be shitting all over the horse that got them there. There was a time, in the past, when Bioware cared about its PC customers, but apparently that time is passing. And my interest in Dragon Age 2 is passing with it.


  1. MODS DUDE!!!!

  2. John

    I think they’ve said you can use the overhead camera on PC. I think I’ve figured out that they really really suck at distinguishing between the console and PC versions – which sucks for them because the two versions are so different.

    Basically, the podcast says that they pretty much had the PC version down in DAO, so they’re just making improvements to it. The console version wasn’t there, so they’re changing the design to play to the strengths of the console better.