Monday Night Combat Developer Walkthrough 2: Support Class

After watching this video, it’s looking like I’ll be running support class myself. The previously previewed tank class just doesn’t look as exciting or as complex as the support class. And just what type of class is the support? “A healer and a tech combined together with a Heal/Hurt Gun for a primary weapon and a deadly close range shotgun for a secondary. His four upgradable skills include Hack, Firebase, Air Strike and a passive Support skill,” says Uber Entertainment.

Here, we can watch each of these skills in action. In most games, the support classes do not have enough exciting UMPH because it would throw the balance of the classes off. In Bad Company 2, your medic cannot do anything about tanks, for example. Here we see that the medic is just as viable as anyone else in terms of big firepower and taking out heavy units. You have a variety of tools to do so, too: put up a turret, call in an airstrike, or just shotty it.

Want to know the details about some of the abilities and skills?

“Hack allows Support to enhance any built turrets as well as turn an enemy turret into a friendly at higher levels. Firebase is a transforming throwable turret that can be placed anywhere. It will heal Support and teammates when upgraded. Air Strikes can be called with a throwable sticky beacon that can be attached to arena surfaces as well as other characters. Support’s passive skill upgrades his armor as well as enhance robots around him in a given range.”

Another thing to note is the sort of atmosphere the game is going for: very campy, tongue-in-cheek feel. Your support guy sort of sounds like Mario, but it’s not obnoxious or anything. The announcer makes quips occasionally, but he’s voiced well enough that you don’t wince like you might after hearing SSF4’s announcer. You can get ‘juiced,’ and yes, that’s probably exactly what you’re thinking it is. In this world, being ‘roided is just par for the course–hell, it’s the prize you get for your killstreaks. Your powerups are actually corporate sponsorships. Lastly, the reason why you’re all fighting to the death? The American Dream, of course: a ridiculous sum of cash.

Monday Night Combat releases this Wednesday on the XBL Marketplace for 1,200 MS points.