Torchlight 2 to put two back in Diablo

So apparently the new Torchlight game isn’t an MMO after all. Rather, it’s…Diablo II.

My unwritten review of Torchlight would go a little something like this: Diablo 1.5. Torchlight 2, it seems, promises to be Diablo 2.5. Whereas Diablo 1 and Torchlight were primarily single player experiences (I’ve never played Diablo 1 multiplayer), Torchlight 2 will offer actual multi-player. While D1 and Torchlight focused on one small, specific area which was deeply explored, Torchlight 2 will be a bigger game, with more exploratory content. Like Diablo 2. While Torchlight and Diablo featured one character rummaging through a dungeon and eventually featuring a corrupting evil, D2 and (most likely) Torchlight 2 will feature that hero being corrupted and/or disappearing and new players going off to follow them.

What I’m saying is, Torchlight 2 will be Diablo 2. But with some fancy new features. The Diablo 2 similarities are pretty striking, but the original game was scarily similar to Diablo, as well, and that made it no less good.