Torchlight Website Further Teases

Though it’s true that we can make out more from this picture than we could last time, we still don’t really know what the Torchlight website is teasing.

Ultimately, the picture is going to end up showing a gate/door/mine of some sort, but we don’t really care about that, right? The area under ‘Torchlight,’ which is big enough to house a subtitle of some sort, is conveniently blacked out.

People want to know if this is an expansion, a sequel, or even that fabled MMO–which could all be confirmed by way of subtitle alone. Of course I have a feeling that area will be the last thing to be revealed, sly bastards.

More on this as it develops.


  1. Tom

    Totally, 100% the Torchlight FTP MMO, because that’s why they made the “original” game in the first place. It was basically a big “donate” button, to get their MMO off the ground.

    • Dave Silva

      I dunno.

      That image looks more and more like that Warcraft expansion… the one with all the ice and stuff.