Carmine Might Be Saved! 'Save Carmine' Shirts Outselling 'Kill Carmine' Shirts on XBL

Look at this badass. Look at this fucking badass. That is NOT a guy you want to kill. That’s a guy you want on your team, a guy you’d probably stop to watch every time he decides to curbstomp someone. He carries a grinder with a single hand and he’s taking a chokeslam to an entirely different level with the other hand.

And, the internet agrees with me, so clearly I am right. Y’see, the ‘Save Carmine’ shirts are currently outselling the ‘Kill Carmine’ shirts. I, for one, did my part in purchasing a digital version of the shirts–though I intend on purchasing the physical threads online, too. Yes. Carmine will be saved, and the blue power ranger will deliver us against all evil.

Of course, those sales don’t account for the shirts that were sold at Comic-Con or online. In fact, including those votes might paint a different picture altogether–but I will have faith that the magic of the blue power ranger will prevail. It will be divine intervention by the COG gods.