The Friday Post: Absenteeism

You might have wondered, “Where has the Friday Post been? I love the Friday Post!” Well, we’ve skipped a couple weeks, because…well, because I was a little lazy. And nothing grabbed my attention.

Regardless of today not being Friday, the Friday Post is back, and…well, about the same as ever. But with links! New, precious links!

-We’ve reviewed a couple games in the past couple weeks, which you should know about. Hot as ever DLC games Limbo and Blacklight: Tango Down got some reviews from us. If you allow me to step up onto my independent blogger soapbox for a second, downloadable games are the one true avenue us independent bloggers have to make timely reviews, because major outlets pay less attention to DLC.

We’ve talked more about Limbo than other games, and we will talk more about Limbo in the future. Keep an eye out for another post on it, and our theories on how the game ends*.

-Also old, but wholly underappreciated, Fern and Graham fought it out over permadeath in Fire Emblem. One might say that the wheel of fate is turning. I wouldn’t, but you might.

-Speaking of Limbo (all I do anymore!), Experience Points published a pretty neat review of it, which I mostly buy. They’ve also written a lot about Red Dead Redemption, which I’d comment on but I stopped caring about that game somewhere in Mexico.

-Apparently July is the month of my favorite blogs becoming infatuated with various games, and The Brainy Gamer is head over heels with Deathspank. If you care about that game, and I don’t, particularly, there’s some good reads over there. More information on the game, if you’re only reaction to the name is titillation.

-Not quite game related, but the author of fantastic, almost best ever indie comics Dresden Codak has posted some fantastic stuff on the creation of his work. Really interesting stuff, if you’re into the whole comics thing.

-Old and definitely related, Red King’s Dream, which I recently found, posted about how storytelling in games is achieved. A fantastic, fantastic nuts and bolts of gaming post. The kind of thing I wish I had the foresight to write.

See you next week! Or, whenever we feel like it! Hah!