Starcraft 2 extraordinarily epic

I’ll be honest: no one will probably see me for the next month, what with Starcraft 2 and all. Well, that’s a complete and utter lie, but Starcraft 2 will be a major impact on any productivity I hoped to have. It already is, as I play Starcraft in anticipation of the new release.

If you’re feeling a bit lukewarm about Starcraft 2, try the above trailer. No gameplay, but you’ve seen the gameplay. What you haven’t seen are the badass cinematics, with characters you know and recognize. I wasn’t too excited, but a trailer focusing on the plot, which was my favorite part of Starcraft, was just the thing to kick the hype train into overdrive.

And you know what? It comes out tomorrow. Starcraft 2 comes out tomorrow. Personally, I thought my grandchildren would still be waiting for it, so this is a pretty big day.

Check back tomorrow for news about it, or news about how I will destroy Amazon for promising release day shipping and then me not getting it.