Battlefield Bad Company 2 Mythbusters

Two videos here for you, which put various myths about Battlefield Bad Company 2 to the test. Of particular interest to me was that you can destroy a stationary shield with your repair tool, and that you cannot kill someone with your ATV unless you go over them with the wheels. I can’t count the number of times I’ve run over someone, but they didn’t die: and now I know why. Other myths, like whether or not you can kill someone through the glass of a stationary shield, are also debunked…definitely interesting stuff, though only a couple of things are practical in actual use. The fact that you can snipe someone with that shotty without slugs is downright insane, even though I can’t ever see myself using it that way.

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  1. Mason

    Alot of that stuff is very interesting though. The fact that you can’t shoot through the mounted shield gun pisses me off. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to snipe a guy through that thing. And I always swore that the ATV was the fastest, that one’s actually useful. The shotgun thing however…I’ve seen people use that to snipe, that seems more like a really bad gameflaw to me. I do however wish that more people knew about the repair inside heli’s. I’ve had multiple guys just stand around inside without healing me. Watching this just makes me wish I could play it again :(.