Want Earthbound figures? Want a plush Mr. Saturn?

THEN WANT NO MORE! Banpresto, makers of fine Japanese toys and games, are releasing, over the next half year or so, a massive collection of figures and plushies based off of the Mother series of games. No Mother 3, alas, but plenty of Mother and Mother 2 (that’s Earthbound for us westerners). Those guys up there? Main characters from Mother. I know. I’ve never played it either.

What are they selling, you ask? Well, a lot of stuff. Big figures (above size) of the protagonists from all the games and Pokey, as well as some Starmen. Additionally, we’ve got littler figures of the protagonists from Earthbound, as well as some important tertiary characters like Ness’ Mom and Sister, Boney the dog, Dr. Andonauts, the Bubble Monkey, and the Runaway Five. Additionally, there will be plush Mr. Saturns available. Sure, you could go on eBay right now and get one of those, or you could bribe one of your knitting inclined friends to make you one, but if neither of these are preferable, they’re going to sell them, too.

When, you ask? Earthbound Central has more details. Details I am too lazy to copy.

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  1. It’s sewn, not knitted. 😛

    Also, I meant to show you this yesterday but forgot for some reason. http://twitpic.com/22v2kl