Fable 3 Bigger than Gears, Crackdown, Halo, More

…according to dear ol’ Peter Molyneux, anyway. “Fable, because it is part-simulation, part-role-playing game, part-action-adventure… it’s got more voice acting, a bigger cast, more musical scores, a bigger, freer world – more so than any other game in the whole of Microsoft Game Studios’ portfolio, full stop,” he says. A pretty cheap shot, I think, for him to take.

Being the quote machine that he is, he follows his boast by something questionable, “It’s got more bugs, more active bugs, than any game that MGS has ever had in its history – and the team of over 100 people are working insanely long hours, and they’re coming down. That’s the way it is.”

We should seriously get Molyneux and Bobby Kotick together, lock them in a room, and just…record what they say for a whole day. For science!