The Great Gatsby: Video Game

I have no idea why this exists, but apparently it does. I was just discussing the Great Gatsby last night, and realizing everyone hates this book but me, and being confused. I mean, The Great Gatsby is a classic of modern literature. It was fantastic enough that I loved it in high school, when I had the intelligence of a walnut. How could anyone hate this book?

Then I found, this morning, that someone decided it would be cool to take the classic of American literature and making it into an educational slash casual game. Where you type words of the the story, shitty actors read dialog not meant to be read aloud, and you click on things to get points. It “brings the classic to life”, which I find rather insulting, as a writer of prose myself. Because the Great Gatsby is already lifelike enough as it is. It’s one of the liveliest books of the 20th century, and if you think that adding a casual game on top of that makes it livelier, then…I weep for you.

You can get a demo from here if you are absolutely insane.


  1. Mat Schwartz

    If everyone you know hates this piece of art, then you might be in the wrong crowd. I feel bad for the kids forced to read it in high school before they felt ready for it, but multiple readings in university have started me in the habit of buying extra copies of the thing and randomly leaving them in different places for other people to stumble across.

    As for the game: it actually looks fun as far as flaming pieces of horseshit go.

    • Eh, it’s called taste. I don’t like the book, personally.

      • Will

        In this case what you have is called ‘bad taste’, Patricia.

        • Yes since the unwritten rule of the internet is that any taste which is not yours is undoubtedly bad. God, I love the rules surrounding opinions.

  2. Fernando Cordeiro

    Now game from 1984, please!

    • Dave Silva

      That would be double plus-ungood.