Blacklight Tango Down Tag/Charm Unlock Codes

Ah, feels old school to input a bunch of codes to unlock some hidden extras. Blacklight doesn’t just have the hundred or so tags you see in the armory, you know. There are dozens of secret tags/charms which aren’t listed! What the devil, you say? Don’t worry, we’re here to help by providing you with the specific unlock codes for a myriad of flags, easter eggs and more. If charm/tag attributes is what you’re looking for, and not unlock codes? Make sure to download the PDF found here, which details every tag’s attribute.

Just a warning: if you actually intend on inputting all of these, by god man, you’re insane! Then again, fashion warfare is serious business. I know this. People get shot and stuff.

Codes, after the jump.

Codes courtesy of GameWinners. And yes, you’re seriously about to input 1337593k to get the Italy’s flag or something.

Alienware symbol Al13nwa4re5acasE
Alienware black dog tags Alienwarec8pestU
AMD VISION square tag (red) AMD3afrUnap
AMD VISION square tag (blue) 4MDB4quprex
ATi square tag AT1hAqup7Su
E3 dog tags E3F6crAS5u
Yellow teddy bear Denek1Ju3aceH7
Famitsu Magazine dog tag Fam1tsuprusWe2e
Unknown Bl4ckl1ght2Ru7uS
Blacklight logo chip Ch1pBLuS9PR
UTV Lightning logo chip Ch1p1GN1u0S
Orange Scorpion logo chip Ch1pMMRSc0rp
Order logo chip Ch1p0RD3Ru02
Zombie Studios logo chip Ch1pZ0MB1Et7
Pink brass knuckles H4rtBr34kerio4u
Jace Hall Show logo J4ceH4llstuFaCh4
Storm Lion Comics logo (shaped) StormLion9rAVaZ2
Strom Lion Comics logo (rectangle) St0rmLi0nB4qupre
Razer logo R4z3erzu8habuC
Upper Playground logo UPGr0undWupraf4u
Upper Playground logo UPGr0undv2FUDame
Australian flag AUS9eT5edru
Austrian flag AUTF6crAS5u
Belgium flag BELS7utHAsP
Canadian flag CANfeprUtr5
Danish flag DENdathe8HU
Finnish flag FINw3uthEfe
French flag FRApRUyUT4a
German flag GERtRE4a4eS
Hong Kong flag HOKYeQuKuw3
Indian flag INDs4u8RApr
Irish flag IRE8ruGejec
Italian flag ITAQ7Swu9re
Japanese flag JPNj7fazebR
Korean flag KORpaphA9uK
Mexican flag MEX5Usw2YAd
Dutch flag HOLb8e6UWuh
New Zealand flag NZLxut32eSA
Norwegian flag NOR3Waga8wa
Portuguese flag PORQ54aFrEY
Blacklight and crossed swords R41nB0wu7p3
Russian flag RUS7rusteXe
Singaporean flag SINvuS8E2aC
Spanish flag ESPChE4At5p
Swedish flag SWEt2aPHutr
Swiss flag SWIsTE8tafU
Taiwanese flag TAW8udukUP2
United Kingdom flag UKv4D3phed
United States flag USAM3spudre


  1. joey hess

    wow thanks so much for the secret codes, some guy was trying to sell them to me for ms points but not you. Thank you kind sir bless yyour heart lol 🙂 thanks again oh i also herd that there are secret weapon packs like secret attachments to your guns. please messege me if you know anything about those.

  2. dave

    ye same thanks also if u get the secret gun thing please put them on 🙂

  3. fielder

    So THIS is what the unlcok code screen is for… amazing! Thanks so much for listing these out! The tags actually do things, they provide stat changes to the weapon they are on. Just look closely at the stats of your gun next time you attach or change dog tags. Thanks again for listing these :D.

    Now to learn which tag does what….

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  5. john

    howw do u use the flags?

    • you just equip them like you would any other tag.

  6. john

    are there any for guns btw ty

  7. Nic

    Hey thanks man! I really could use these since im just a lvl 14! Like that fielder guy up there says, they can boost ur attack, how fast you heal,your actual health and your speed! How sweet is that!