Pokemon Black and White To Be Slightly More Mature

It’s more likely than you’d think. So, after the colors of the new Pokemon were revealed, most people undoubtedly wondered “why the colors black and white?” Well, it turns out it’s not just some arbitrary selection, and it’s not because GameFreak is running out of ideas. Shocking. I know that sounds a little too impossible to be true, but get this: the colors reflect a slightly more mature Pokemon.

We already know that your in-game characters will be slightly older this time. A cheap way of going about it, but it’s something. That’s not all, though. The antagonist this time around won’t be silly Team Rocket or Galaxy, it’ll be “N.” Okay, that sounds silly, but his reason for getting in your way isn’t! N is someone that wants to liberate Pokemon from their human owners, to create a complete separation between them. Not to steal them or for ultimate power, but simply because it’s…wrong.

Yes, it’s an extremist approach–hence black and white–but also one that I think we, as adults, will be able to emphatize with. I mean, when you really think about it, the way the Pokemon world works is kinda messed up. Sure you can make life-long friends like Pikachu or whatever, but it’s rather obvious that humans also feel slightly entitled in being able to commandeer Pokemon. That’s the equivalent of me thinking that I am the master of a lion simply because I raised it as a kitten. There’s no real fear of nature in the Pokemon world, when even a perpetual 10 year old boy like Ash is capable of interacting with the Pokemon gods that created the universe. Not that a whole lot in Pokemon makes sense, but at least this new antagonist will breathe some fresh air in a somewhat stagnant franchise.