See those lovely gentlemen? They are the lovely gentlemen performing on the Scott Pilgrim: The Movie: The Game soundtrack. Quite a handsome set of lads, wouldn’t you say?

On the not creepy front, a song from the upcoming soundtrack has been released here! It’s totally rad, too! For those of you who have never heard Anamanaguchi before, they are a “chiptune punk” (thanks wikipedia!) band from New York, who rock all sorts of faces. I quite like their Dawn Metropolis LP; it is currently providing me with a less brain-deadeningly repetitive soundtrack to Dragon Quest IX.

If you’re curious about their music, their website is here! And, of course, if you are unaware, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour (the last of the comics) releases July 20th, the movie (Scott Pilgrim Versus the World) releases on August 13th, and the movie the game releases August 10th. Since the movie the game is basically River City Ransom with Scott Pilgrim, Anamanaguchi, and art by Paul Fucking Robertson, I’m most excited for it. Even if Scott Pilgrim holds a special place in my heart, like it could in yours.