Sonic Colors Preorder Bonus Is Terrible

Preorder bonuses usually reflect the interests of the players–usually, they’re just trinkets, or sometimes they’re a recreation of an in-game item. These bonuses usually produce acceptable, neat items which may incentivize you to preorder a game from retailer X over retailer Y. The DS Gold/Silver remakes of the Pokemon franchise, for example, gave you a cool little figurine depending on which version of the game you preordered:

Nothing wrong with these figurines: if you’re a fan, there’s no reason you wouldn’t appreciate them even a little. Persona 3 Portable preorders gave fans Junpei’s hat–and, even a person like me, who hated Junpei, could see the value in it. I probably wouldn’t wear it, since I don’t wear hats, but I wouldn’t mind displaying it next to my Fallout 3 lunchbox. Nothing wrong with this bonus, either. But the Sonic Colors preorder bonus from Gamestop?

Jesus christ. It’s things like these which make Sonic fans the armpit of fan-nation (sorry, Sonic fans, nothing against you). What would make Sega decide this would motivate customers to preorder Sonic Colors? What does this say about Sonic fans, really? If I was preordering this game, I’d tell Gamestop that they can keep the hat, because if it was in my possession, I’d probably hide it shamefully…hell, I might even burn it. Who would wear this? Who would display this? Who would admit to owning it? Even people who keep it can’t deny how terrible it is!


  1. Tom

    No, it’s exactly referential of the people interested in Sonic Colors: children under the age of 5 and furries.

    If not for the children bit, they could release a deluxe edition with a full body sonic suit and they’d probably sell more copies.

  2. Ali

    God that’s horrifying.

  3. Fernando Cordeiro

    Aw… I liked it!
    Pat, preorder it and send it over! I think it is awesome!

    (plus, ever since Impy stole my Mario hat there was a void in my heart I was trying to fill…)

    FYI: I’m not a furry.