Dragon Age 2 Announced, Good Day to Be a Bioware Fan

Yesterday, when EA announced that they were announcing something tomorrow Patricia and I, your intrepid editors and most frequent content providers, decided it couldn’t be Dragon Age 2. That made too much sense. We figured it was going to be something like Mass Effect 2: Space Awakenings, or an Old Republic beta signup, or some piece of minor DLC, or maybe gold editions of both of Bioware’s previous two fantastic offerings. Because Bioware are jerks.

Nope. Dragon Age 2. It’s a thing that’s happening. And the details we have look pretty juicy. Sure, most of the details are kind of generic and boring (really? You’re playing as a different character? The graphics and gameplay will be improved? Who would have thought!) but the thing that interests me is that the game will span a decade of time. Time passage is very helpful to show the effects of your choices, as evidenced by Fable 2, and it’ll be interesting to play a game where the choices aren’t so cut and dry, and yet have a long term impact.

More details when they become available. Hype level is officially high.