Not-So Weekend Note: It's Persona 3's Fault

Yup. That’s why there was no weekend note last week, and there almost wasn’t one this week! Last week, there was only a month or less left in my game, and I figured that I could burn through it and move on to P4. How wrong I was…there’s still 10 days left and they’re taking forever to go through. Today, however, I am confident that I will finish the game. Nyx is gonna taste my shiny metal ass in just a few hours. It’s funny how the end of the world can be stopped by a bunch of high schoolers…

Seriously, playing P3 is just about the only thing I’ve been doing for a while. I don’t even know why, I just can’t stop playing it. I did, however, manage to beat Uncharted 2 during my downtime. I still haven’t gotten to the Indiana Jones movies, so that review won’t be coming for a while. One of the best games I’ve played in a long while was followed by just about the worst final boss fight…but I’m not sure that could have been helped. Actually, it’s better than the final “boss” on Alan Wake, so I guess I can’t say it’s the worst final boss fight. Still, the villain was pretty terrible to begin with, and so the final battle couldn’t have been much better. After finishing U2, I realized that I would probably enjoy a game that allows me to climb up stuff…and so I bought Assassin’s Creed 2. SO MANY GAMES….but, I have confidence that I will be able to get through my backlog.

With that out-of-the-way, I’ve started on Heavy Rain. Man…I can already tell I’m going to play this game a couple of times. Sure, it has a much slower start to Indigo Prophecy, but I can tell it’s going to be a fantastic title nonetheless. On that same note, research on the likelihood of the ARI tech existing in reality is starting tomorrow…hopefully that article can see the light of day this week. Aside from this, I will start playing Eternal Sonata concurrently with Heavy Rain…and I very much look forward to the famed flashback of the earlier part of a certain cutscene. Many lols will be had.

In other news, the Alan Wake book–along with a few others I mentioned in an earlier blog post–will be arriving sometime tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned as I bring you my impressions on that…I figure it can’t be worse than this excerpt of ‘Departure’ from Alan Wake. Seriously…I think that’s almost Twilight level. Without any sparklies or vampires. Hopefully Rick Burroughs brings something good to the table.

Aside from that, I’m sure I could keep babbling on about nothing but you should probably go watch some fireworks or something. It’s a holiday weekend, people!


  1. Tom

    If you are wondering what your other random editor is doing, he’s playing Torchlight and Flotilla for review (because I feel they both need to be discussed) and Persona 4/Devil Survivor (depending on how warm it is). He’s also writing a novel!

  2. Which version of Persona 3 are you playing? It is pretty addicting. I spent many hours playing the game myself. Do you have any favorite characters? If you think P3 is addicting, wait until you play P4.

    I actually took a psychological look at Yukari from P3 and how we can learn from her mistakes. If you are interested, you can take a look at:

    • I played just the normal version though I intend on playing both FES and 4. I’m itching, dying, even, to play 4.
      Favorite character in 3 must be between mitsuru and aigis. Mitsuru, she’s sort of a badass, and a very strong woman character, which is a trophe I tend to like. Aigis…the whole complexity of being unsure of how to live is fascinating.

      I’ll take a look at what you wrote, thanks for commenting!