Mandatory Shiggy Post

By now you’ve no doubt read countless articles that speculate on Miyamoto’s future projects based on his most recent activities and hobbies. And, with good reason, too: Shiggy says that it’s been 10 years since he introduced the world to Pikmin, and he muses that it might be time to create a new character. Funnily enough, in the shareholder’s meeting Shiggy mentions that he’s been barred from talking about his interests, since, as we know, they end up being games….but he reveals “he’s taken an interest in swimming of late. Also, he’s member of a youth guidance organization of some form and spends lots of times with school children.”

But instead of speculating on what games such hobbies and interests might produce, let’s talk about something else. And really, we’re talking about something else because I can’t come up with anything witty as to what Shiggy might be thinking up. So, I bring you to this interesting profile on Miyamoto that the LA Times has written up. Most of it, I was acquainted with–as I figure most readers will be. But, there’s one thing I read that I doubt very many people know: how Shiggy got his job at Nintendo. It’s certainly not the way you’d get a job today…then again, sometime soon you might need a bachelors to start working on McDonalds!

Most job candidates would bring a resume and a portfolio of drawings or photos. Miyamoto brought clothes hangers. He had designed and made them for children who were too small to reach closet bars and too young for traditional, hooked, metal wire hangers. “I came up with a different solution,” Miyamoto said. “I made a wooden hanger that had a little cross shape which would fit into a notch on the wall. I painted pictures of elephants on them. “Nintendo really liked them and decided to hire me,” Miyamoto said.

Honestly, something only Shiggy would do, no?