The Friday Post Would Love to Be a Pepper Too!

Look at these fucking peppers. They look delicious. I want only a taste of them. But we don’t have time for that, because things! You can read! Must be posted!

-This week’s big controversy around the internet was Japanese developers saying they’re so much better than Western developers. Well, maybe not. That’s what we were told they were saying, at least! But Masahiro Sakurai (also known as the Smash Brothers Brawl website guy!) and Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame both had things to say about it. And we had things to say about them, too!
-We reviewed a large collection of Mario games: both the New Super Mario Brothers “remake” for Wii and Super Mario Galaxy Additional Fun Time 2. As you can tell, not a lot of enthusiasm. Maybe we’re just picky.
-Graham writes with the conviction of an 18th century Great Awakening writer about new IPs. Personally, I think him and Dragon Age should get a room and consummate their love, but that’s just me. What do I know? That’s right, nothing!
-Patricia wrote many spoilers about Persona 3, my favorite game ever.
-Maybe I’m just jaded, but I appreciate this John Walker article on how to not be stupid while developing video games. The very first point is absolutely, 100% true. When I find a bathroom (if I don’t, I wonder where everyone goes to do various sorts of business) I try to flush the toilet. I mean, I can do it in real life, why should a video game be different?
-You’ve probably seen it already (I imagine 95% of our readership are from Kotaku, because…some of us post there. Somes of us a lot. Not me. I have important things to do) but Leigh Alexander wrote about war and videogames, and it’s quite good. I hadn’t read any of her writing before the whole Hey Baby debatecle (that’s a debate and a debacle), but she brings up damn fine points most of the time.
-Like Deus Ex? Of course you do. Me? I’ve never played. But OneGate wrote perhaps the longest thing on the internet outside of the coolest page on wikipedia. Yes, I just looked up the longest wiki article, but…pictures of every monopoly set ever! How useful is the internet! Also, Deus Ex! It’s a cool game for attractive people.
-Experience Points has a running series of related articles called The Sensationalist, and the newest one is up. It’s about children and children’s perspectives and things like that in video games, which creates a lot of interesting situations. I found it interesting, at least.

And now it’s time to leave. Have a good Friday, NM.