New Pokemon Anime! Insert Fangirlish Squeals!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I care about as little as you do about any reboot of the Pokemon anime. It’ll probably be terrible unless you’re under the age of ten, whereupon it will be “omgsocooldadbuymeallthetoys” (a strong disclaimer of quality). However, in my searching for new information about Pokemon Black and White, I noticed something. Something potentially horrifying. Do you see it? Can you figure it out? Look harder at that picture above.

Still can’t see it?

What the FUCK is the thing on the left? Seriously, I’m watching Evangelion right now, which has some really screwed up character designs, but…that thing on the left will give me more nightmares than even the secreting eye vagina monster from…some episode I forgot. It’s like someone took Misty and replaced her torso with a fucking egg! Seriously, I’m terrified right now. Also, Smugleaf isn’t in the promotional material so this is bound to be just as crappy as the recent Pokemon offerings, but that doesn’t detract from how FUCKING HORRIFYING that thing is.

Now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming, slightly terrified.