Public Service Announcement: The Void for 5$

Those of you with computers and access to Steam should be amazed and astounded that *the* banner game for games as art is now on sale on Steam for a piddly 5$. That’s right. 5$.

What is The Void? Well, it was made by Ice Pick Lodge, a Russian developer, which tells you absolutely everything about it. It is, at heart, a resource management game, set in a world where you have to spend color to do things. Also, it’s very deliberate in that artistic way.

Really, fuck my description. Quinns from Rock Paper Shotgun said everything better than I ever could. What I’m saying is that, for 5$, you could have one of the most singular pieces of gaming as art ever created by human hands.

Oh, and if you want something decidedly not artful, the hilarious brick breaking governmental metaphor of Red Faction: Guerrilla is 5$ as well. Which is exactly how much I’d want to pay for it. Mass Effect 2 is also a shade under 25$, if you, for some reason, haven’t played it.

But those games suck compared to The Void.

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  1. Brendan

    You showed me the path to Pathalogic, and for that I am forever grateful.