Final Fantasy XIV Release Date Announced

September 30th. For the PC, at least. I didn’t want to hold you in suspense.

Of course, if you’re in suspense about Final Fantasy XIV, you’re probably one of three people in the world who care about this game. I mean, sure, XI (the previous massively multiplayer installment) had some cool ideas: it had a lot more narrative than other games at the time, and it had a fairly multifaceted job system that let you play unique character combinations.

On the other hand, it was grindier than North and South Korea put together. And supposedly FFXIV doesn’t reinvent the wheel, so I imagine it’ll be ridiculously grindy. Then again, it’s pretty! That counts for something! Oh, well, the Yoshitaka Amano art is pretty, at least.

My enthusiasm is overflowing, I’ll tell you what. You can apply to enter the beta phase here, which I’ll probably do out of curiosity. I’m sure you care a lot more than I do.