Next Pokemon To Feature 3 on 3 Battles, Sex Changes

This is garbage. 2 on 2 was a stretch, but it ended up working. I’d even say 2 on 2 battles are my favorite, they add a layer of challenge to the battles. 3 on 3, however,  screams ‘GIMMICK’ and ‘WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS.’ 3 on 3 just sounds…cumbersome. Also, someone please explain to me what in the world happens between the seconds 37-40? You can view all these ‘what the christs’ in the trailer below, but NOT Smugleaf, if that’s what you’re looking for:

I’m going to buy it anyway. Just like everyone else.


  1. Fernando Cordeiro

    You know, I think they have been running out of ideas ever since someone decided to make Unown and Beautifly.

  2. 3 on 3 looks like a headache, but I love everything else so far. If we played every Pokemon game for originality I think we are missing the point. Like with Harvest Moon, it’s the same idea wrapped in a new package. Like forum skins.

    • Haha, well, as i said, I’m going to buy it anyway, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, too. I just wish it evolved a little bit, though, maybe older themes and such (what if it was Pokemon in modern-day Japan? What if it was more urban, kinda like TWEWY?). Maybe the rap in Persona 3 is rotting my brain right now, I don’t know.

  3. Callan

    Um… at :40 the text that appears says HOWAITO NO HAIRINKU which… I can only guess means something like “White’s high link,” but what does THAT mean?

    Some further research into some Japanese websites leads me to believe that they are as puzzled as we are, but I’m not an expert at this. 😛

  4. James

    IMO I think they should have scraped the 3 on 3 battles but keep the rotation battle feature because rotation battles are a lot more fun than 3 on 3. SO when a hypotheical pokemon grey comes out (in 2013 most likely this is just a prediction) THey should have more rotation battles and less 3 on 3 battles because 3 on 3 battles aren’t that fun as rotation battles, but that is just my opinion.