The Sunday Gaming Collective: Motherland

We have had new change in management directive. This video game, she is no substitute for the long, hard embrace of Motherland. You must embrace your be, be backbone of proletariat uprising against evil capitalist pigdogs.

Motherland! Motherland! Motherland!

However! We are not cold, unfeeling socialist republic. We understand you have need. Unfortunately, we are all the outs of Vodka, but we have to offer you new free game, that will help you forget trouble!

Easy Joe, Flash

Easy Joe is first game, da? It is quite easy, and will not so tax your small proletariat minds, or distract you from motherland. It is one of old style adventure games, with clicking and plots like you found in great games like General Stalin as Little Boy in Fascist Czarship and the great Lenin and Kruschev comedy detective series. You know the one, where Lenin is bear and Kruschev is sentient vole? Hah hah hah!

Easy Joe is like those games, but based in the flash environment so that it may be played by all peoples, and not just those with their porthole styled computers. It has many bright and vibrant colors, amusing to the childrens and the adults alike. It is good Soviet fun, that is about strong values like perseverance and fighting in midst of our enemies, against all long odds.

Truly, is game worthy of motherland.

Faultline, Flash

Some capitalist pigs would say that we, the great communist government, is very late on this one, with this having been posted on the Destructiontoids and the Rock Paper Rocks in the Shoes. But we tell them they are fools! Faultline is game made to be presented in great Soviet republic, when world is ours again. It involves the flattening of lines and surfaces to make more room for the people’s republic to grow! Is good metaphor for success of proletariat!

It is very unique and useful mechanic, almost as unique as you capitalists’ video game Portal experience. Is unique, and you will have lots of fun with it, until it buries you with difficult complexity. Difficulty is fun and weakness leaving your body! Is good! Is healthy, like soak in fine distilled vodka, or eating potatoes every meal every day, supplemented by shoes! Is good for you!

Come back next week for more tales of capitalism’s downfall!