The Friday Post: Now For Dinner!

Toothpaste for dinner! Webcomics!

I just finished speed running a novella (as in, writing about a dozen pages) so I got nothing. Let’s hope other people do.

-Patricia literally posted everything. Literally. Everything. If you scroll back a week, you will see Patricia, broken up by an island of me posting to give her a day off (a day when she still posted two things!). How does she do it? I don’t know. I bet nanites. Or mitochondria. Or pseudo science.
-On the other hand, I posted nothing! This is because travel, and Fable 2. Fable 2 is the worst time sink ever.
-Fern posted about Assassin’s Creed, and history. I love history, as much as I don’t like Assassin’s Creed 2. Which is a lot. Both are a lot.
-Graham said some things about Metal Gear Solid. It’s an interesting retrospective on MGS’s place in history (the original, not its Hideo Kojima troll sequels) and it’s a worthwhile read.
-Around the internet, other people posted things, too! It kind of hurts me to post this, but The Brainy Gamer put up a very positive meditation on oft-hated on opus Final Fantasy XIII. I’m posting it because the parts it highlights are the good parts. Too bad they bury the good parts under piles of mediocrity and masturbulatory storytelling.
-Have all the time? Then give Rock Paper Shotgun’s discussion of Deus Ex a read. It’s long as fuck. But it’s worth it. Deus Ex, perhaps the most important game of the early 2000’s is 10. Christ. I feel old.
-Gamasutra (took me until *this second* to get that. I’m brilliant) posted about reviewing games in a thoughtful manner. I think they’re spot on: games can’t be art until they are reviewed as art, and not like Quicken or a box of legos.

That’s it for this week that I’ve found and remembered (seriously, besides the hype machine, the internet has been dreadfully dull the past couple weeks, unless I’ve blocked major bits out). Have you found anything interesting, cheerful readers?