Ni no Kuni Announced for PS3

You know what game looks fantastic? Ni no Kuni, the collaboration between Level-5 Studios (you may remember them from games such as Dragon Quest VIII and IX, saviors of Square Enix, Rogue Galaxy, and the Dark Cloud series. Oh, and Professor Layton, one of the most popular “casual” series of games) and Studio Ghibli (who you’ve heard of. If not, you have some movies to watch). It looks fantastic. It’s beautiful, beyond what the DS should be able to produce.

But you know what’s more beautiful? The PS3 version. The trailer is one of the more beautiful things I’ve seen recently, and while some of it is animation, an almost absurd amount is gameplay. So yes, it’s pretty.

Hit the jump for the DS trailer, in case you need to be excited about a game that may or may not come to the US. Personally, I worry about both of them, even if Square Enix and Disney are bffs, because Disney might not see the profit here. Heck, Square Enix might not see the profit here.