4 New Alan Wake 'The Signal' DLC Gameplay Videos

Things! We learn them from these videos showcasing gameplay/minor plot elements in Alan Wake’s upcoming DLC ‘The Signal.’ So, to list what I learned from the videos:

  • Thomas Zane is indeed involved. In the first video, Alan mentions that “Zane left me a page, he was trying to help me”
  • The DLC takes on the idea that the game took–that your creations are turning against you–and this time applies it to your imagination in general. Barry says that ‘random stuff in your head, imagination can be your enemy…’ Lame.
  • The birds make a return, but this time they’ve been reskinned as Alan’s novels. Is this Remedy’s idea of changing things up? Also…lame. Then again, I just hate bird enemies in general when it comes to video games.
  • ‘The Signal’ refers to, at least in part, your HUD radar. It also seems to refer to something else which is unnamed and unseen in the videos, but when Alan says that ‘the signal is going haywire,’ its your radar that’s going crazy.

Anyway, view the aforementioned videos below:

Hit the jump to see the other two videos.