Alan Wake Sequel Unofficially Confirmed, DLC Details

IGN has an interesting article on the future of Alan Wake, which you can read here. In it, we learn a bevy of new things.

First, you should know that the upcoming DLC ‘The Signal’ is about one or two hours in length. For those of you who do not have the DLC voucher, frankly, 7 bucks is too much to pay for that much money, no? The Signal takes place directly after the end of Alan Wake, and Alan is “alone, he’s lost and he’s going a little bit crazy. We’re kind of messing with his dark and twisted subconscious mind.” This would explain why we see Barry in the screenshots for The Signal–so no, he’s not actually there. “He’s Wake’s imaginary friend…and Barry’s even more sarcastic and more comical than before because it’s coming through Wake’s subconscious mind. So it gets even funnier. I think these two pieces, it’s the funniest stuff Barry has done…it’s just hilarious.” Which is to say that Barry continues to perform his role as…Barry.

The Writer, the second piece of DLC that everyone will have to pay for, is promised to change things up a bit. Well, not just a bit, apparently things get a very kooky,  Remedy says that they went “a little bit crazy with the game mechanics and with the fiction as well.” Those of you who have played Max Payne should be familiar with this approach–remember the nightmare-like sequences?

Remedy also states that instead of working on a third DLC pack, that they’d much rather be working on ‘Season 2’ of Alan Wake. Remedy would like to confirm a sequel officially “relatively soon.” Continuing to speak hypothetically on a possible sequel, Remedy gives us this food for thought: “Max Payne 1 took us also five years to make. Max Payne 2 took us 18 months. I think we’d be looking at something of a similar cycle.” They also go on record to say that unless the attach rate for the DLC packs is very high, they won’t be looking into making more DLC.

Remedy is optimistic that the sequel will happen, “I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t continue with Microsoft and why we wouldn’t renew the IP…we definitely want a sequel of course.”