Weekend Note: YaAaaaaaAAawn

Sleep, the true breakfast of champignons.

I pretty much disappeared this weekend, I know, but I was also pretty busy/tired/lazy. I pumped out posts last week like a freaking psycho. I apologize for this weekend, though, but I will also note that I have like 15 open tabs with material that I want to write about this coming week. Oh my goodness I’ve yawned like 10 times in writing these three sentences.

Now E3 is over, and…wow, does life have any more meaning after that? Without flail and Kevin Butler? Truly, I do not know.

Things that I want the most from E3: Donkey Kong Country Returns, RAGE, Medal of Honor. Other things, sure, but not as much.

Been trucking along in Persona 3. I’m still a sack of lifeless bricks that just happens to be able to nod his head and thrust his crotch. Both of these abilities, are, of course, instrumental in my life as a so-called human being. Somehow, Persona 3 thinks I’m a smooth motherfucker just because I’ve drunk enough coffee to give a grown man a heart attack. I guess I’m not going to argue, and it now better explains why people like to throw themselves at me for simply existing.

I’m not even halfway through Uncharted 2 yet, but it’s only getting better to me. Nathan Drake is the dude of all dudes, and Claudia Black is her usual typecast, which really, is the best typecast that has ever existed. Ever. Now, if she didn’t have demon eyes…like seriously, have you tried looking at them? It’s horrifying. I will assume, therefore, that when Nate and Chloe sleep with each other, that Nate has his eyes closed firmly shut the entire way through. The eyes see through your soul, though, so it’s pretty useless.

Graham has been chugging away at MGS2, because MGS1 hates me. We kept saving our game, only to have it disappear mysteriously the next day. And it’s too bad, too, because so far I think 1 is incredibly superior to 2. No one is memorable in 2, the closest person to memorable is Vamp and he’s just a strange homosexual vampire. Also, nearly everything in 2 mirrors some event in 1. And Raiden is such a pussy. And what is wrong with Rose? Jesus christ no I do not care about our anniversary RIGHT NOW. Mei Ling was terrible, but boy do I want her back. Also, I have the distinct notion that the environment in 2 is cell shaded. Seriously. Go back and play 2, look at the big shell’s exterior, and try to tell me that shit ain’t cell shaded. Or the part with the inverted mic? That. Is. Cell. Shading.

I’m sure our writers are playing something, too, I just didn’t ask them what this week. So basically, I’m useless.

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Onward, to next week!

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  1. Tom

    Persona 3: the beautiful game. The true beautiful game.

    I’ve been playing Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. How’s that for random. Also continuing the world’s slowest playthrough of Lufia 2 (I haven’t even beaten Gades for real yet, and I’ve been playing for over a month) and The World Ends With You.